Our corporate headquarters in South Tyrol

We are based in Bozen/Bolzano, where all the services that LONGO provides are pooled under one roof. As a typical South Tyrol-based company we combine two apparently contrasting characteristics to create exciting innovations: Italian passion and German precision.

Longo AG SpA
Via Johann Kravogl Straße 7 | I-39100 Bozen
T +39 0471 243 111 | F +39 0471 243 100

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LONGO Gebäude Bozen

Longo Standort Augsburg

Longo Deutschland GmbH, Augsburg

Why not visit our center of digital-print and online-communications excellence in Augsburg.

Longo Deutschland GmbH
Stätzlinger Straße 70 | D-86165 Augsburg
T +49 (0)821 999 890 | F +49 (0)821 999 8990

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Medialike – besser.online.

Medialike is a young online-marketing agency based in Munich. Rooted in the book and media industry, Medialike provides advice and support to retailing, service-sector and institutional customers in particular. The Medialike team optimizes your websites using SEO, places SEA ads for you and develops affiliate partner programs, creates editorial plans and content for social media and blogs and helps your business to be successful by employing social-media and online marketing techniques – why not get in touch with us!


Equus Promotion

Equus Promotion is a master of the art of effectively translating abstract marketing messages into tangible objects. Whilst a ball-point with a corporate logo or a calendar featuring a company’s name is a popular promotional item, it is not original. You need to do more if you want your company to stick in your customers’ minds.

Equus combines an almost inexhaustible wealth of ideas with more than 30 years of experience. And that teaches you one thing – the ideal promotional item can only be created as a result of close cooperation between manufacturer and client.



INTAG is a software company which deals with new technologies in the field of product digitalisation to improve communication, traceability, analysis and protection against product counterfeiting. Those innovative technologies offer new chances to increase the value of a product or a brand.

By using the INTAG technology, it is possible to create a real dialog with products and create a whole new experience by the use of the “Internet of Things”, one of the latest trends in this day and age.

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