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Business Photography – powerful images for your company

Business photography works: a powerfully expressive photo shows your products, company and employees in the best possible light and appeals at first glance. Expressive, authentic corporate photos enable you to ensure that people not only pick up your corporate brochures but read them too. Your website not only attracts traffic, it sticks in the mind. Powerful photos enable you to convert potential customers into actual ones.

A professionally managed public profile that uses premium picture material is now more important than ever before. Business reports, websites, corporate image brochures, press releases or product and service catalogs require custom business photography provided to the highest standards of quality. The skilled use of photos with great key visuals, looks and expressive imagery is a key factor in making a success of your corporate communications.

Here authenticity plays a major role. The image or picture must not only dovetail with the target audience and it should also have a clear relevance to your business, i.e. it should speak your language. As tempting as it is to use images from picture databases: you don’t know who else is using the same images. In contrast to professional business photography, such images lack a sense of the unmistakable and the unique.

Our photographers are specialized in business photography. A trained eye enables them to identify what is special, what is unique about your company and they skillfully and authentically put the spotlight on you and your employees. Our business photos enable you to show in a memorable way what makes your company stand out!

Portrait Fotografie Schwarz Weiß
Produktfotografie Weinessig Etikett
Business Fotografie Sauna

Advertising photography – more than just photoshoots and retouching

Proper advice marks the start of the journey towards taking a successful advertising photo. A briefing gives us an idea of what your company, your message and in-house style are all about. We then come up with the imagery and overall concept together with you. Only then do we start planning the photoshoot and specify what is to be photographed how – extreme close-ups or unusual perspectives of work situations, outdoor or studio photos, team photos or pictures of employees doing their jobs. This is how we gradually achieve the objective of the perfect corporate image photo.

The professional guidance of our photographers enables business photos to be produced, which not only show the key features of your product but also express your own very personal touch. This planned approach substantially reduces the finishing effort required and you obtain the finished advertising photos faster.

Retouching features at the end of the journey towards the successful advertising photo. We factor in your specific needs and ideas with maximum precision, because successful business photography is the perfect entry into effective corporate communications. We would be delighted to accompany you on this journey!

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