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Graphic design and printing – all under one roof

It’s a simple principle: you have an idea, you come to us with it – and you leave our premises with the finished product. From graphic design to printing, we have experts who will accompany you every step of the way, from the first design right through to the finished product. Our all-round service saves you time and wastage, transportation costs and communication delays.

Corporate design – the basis for your corporate communications

Whether printed or online, a company’s logo is frequently the first thing customers see. The logo is a vital component of the corporate design – the face of your enterprise. Good corporate design naturally consists of more than just a logo. Yet this aspect of your enterprise’s communication is nevertheless a good example of how our graphic designers take everything into consideration. The lettering must be:

  • uncomplicated
  • easy to read on various media, on paper, coloured backgrounds, images, on screen
  • must be grasped quickly, clearly and unmistakably.

This also applies to the graphic symbols or image motifs used. The logo should be attractive and quickly absorbed. Its style and emotionality must be adapted to your business, and it must have the same positive effect at the point of sale as on your website.

Graphic design – designing means of communication

The corporate design created by our graphic designers makes possible the consistent appearance of all of an enterprise’s means of communication, from forms to writing paper, from address slips to e-mails, all the way through to its website. Work clothing for employees can be also be tailored to the principles of the corporate design.

The lettering, image language and colour scheme are all constants for an enterprise’s “look”, and should only be changed with care. The recognisability factor must be protected with each change: graphic designers have to tread a fine line between innovation and tradition upon each relaunch.

Book and editorial design

Books represent a substantial proportion of our production activity. One of the main tasks of our graphic designers is to ensure the appropriate book design for your corporate identity; this is an important job of our creative department. From the choice of paper and format, the typography and colours, right up to the correct choice of binding and cover design, we have the resources and know-how to be able to offer you thorough, professional advice.

Our creative department can also support you in editorial design, as well as the design of brochures, magazines and periodicals. From there it is just a short step to the prepress and printing processes.

Bring us your ideas – we will find the right solution for your enterprise and your products. Contact us.

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