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Even if online banner advertising resembles a conventional advertisement at first glance, online marketing functions completely differently to print advertising and provides you with new ways of reaching out to customers. In order to stand out on the Internet, you not only require different, bolder imagery than is the case with analog media. Online texts are also subject to quite different requirements in terms of tonality, layout and structure.

Yet what makes online marketing so particularly successful are in-depth advertisement optimization opportunities. With the aid of new technologies online marketing enables you to target your campaigns considerably more accurately at your target audiences. Our online marketing agency, Medialike, helps you to find appropriate marketing activities from the wide range of tools available on the Internet. The objective is to be found online both by Google and other search engines as well as by potential customers. Our online marketing agency is very transparent in its actions and provides regular reports on the outcomes of marketing and optimization activities.

SEM, SEO, Affiliate Marketing – use best-fit advertisement formats

Irrespective of whether search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), affiliate or social-media marketing are involved: we at Medialike will show you whereabouts your customers are located on the Internet and how you can reach out to them effectively. In its role as an agency for online marketing, Medialike will advise you on conceptually designing the right marketing mix.

Search engine marketing (SEM) resembles conventional ad placement, as we know it in the print world, most closely. However Google AdWords advertisements can be tailored exactly to meet the needs of any user, who enters a term into a search engine, thereby signaling what he/she is looking for. Thereupon the user is not only provided with the search results, but advertisements that perfectly match the user’s search are also displayed. This minimizes ad wastage.

Affiliate marketing also enables you to connect with your target audience. Previously you might have placed ads in magazines that your target audience reads; these days you advertise on websites that your potential customers visit. Users, who are interested in your product, can directly access your website via a link. Codes and cookies enable you to track the websites from which users accessed your site. The benefit of affiliate marketing to you is that you only incur costs if the visitor actually buys something.

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Online marketing – the right strategy delivers success

In close consultation with you we analyze your status-quo and define objectives based on your needs and budget. We help you to characterize your core target audience. Once that exercise is completed we then select the online channels appropriate to this target audience and advertise in those places where your customers are located, using exactly the terms they use for their Google searches. This delivers a customized concept that matches your marketing strategy perfectly.

You can reach more than 53 million people online in Germany alone. A customized marketing strategy will enable you to pick out your potential customers from this mass and connect with them effectively. Our online marketing agency, Medialike, would be delighted to advise you!

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