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Edition Longo – an authentic passion

Even if many segments of the book market have been in decline for years, we remain convinced that the book market is here to stay. Yet book layout and feel are set to become more important factors. Premium books will always have a future and Longo can play a role here.

Edition Longo therefore does not want to be regarded as a conventional publisher or publication business or even as a publication machine. Edition Longo is designed to be a platform to enable our authors to publish art and cultural books in a premium context. Beautifully crafted, comprehensively illustrated select editions with a sense of premium quality. Our credo is books that add value by providing an exceptional experience. Small but perfectly formed!

Accentuating great architecture, design, photography and art in coffee-table books is the day-to-day challenge inherent in what we do. Longo’s sensitivity and skills, its knowledge about the impact of light, contrast and color on originals are exactly the characteristics that designers, photographers, artists and architects are looking for.

We regard the selection of material, format, bookbinding technique and layout as very important and our creative colleagues match these elements to the aesthetics of the book. We use high-quality materials only and constantly work on new methods to give print products greater brilliancy, color intensity and contrast. Our search for beauty and originality really captures the imagination.

Our greatest challenge in publishing each book lies in creating something special, in conveying profound impressions and vital images.

Edition Longo ‐ technical know-how meets passion

An example: “Translucency” is the new book by photographer Erich Dapunt, and to date one of six Edition Longo publications.

Erich Dapunt is a photo-lab technician, photography teacher and freelance photographer. The starting point for his illustrated book was the urban environment of Brussels, Stuttgart, New York, Venice and his hometown of Bozen/Bolzano, with its smooth surfaces and transparent house walls, shop windows and facades. A profound understanding of color was very important to enable him to convey his visual information and capture waves of light. Strictly controlled calibration processes enable the image quality achieved to be transferred without loss onto paper using offset printing. This helped the Longo specialists but first and foremost Erich Dapunt to produce a brilliant and matchless result that keeps on surprising even the professionals.

For more information vist www.edition-longo.it.

Edition Longo Erich Dapumt Transluency
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