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Cross-Media Publishing – integrated corporate communications on all channels

Publishing has become a multi-faceted industry – there are websites and apps that also have to be adapted for smartphone, tablet and social-media use; there are digital media, POS materials as well as classic print media and print advertising. A wide range of methods and formats has emerged and no company is keen on missing out on these opportunities. As much as these new forms of publishing might differ at first glance, they are all based on data, information, designs and images that already exist within your business – your company’s memory bank.

Yet how can your company’s accumulated knowledge, its “memory” be processed and managed, so that there is no loss of information, so that unnecessary duplication is avoided and so that employees can access the data at any time?

Communication 3.0 with the Cross-Media Publishing System

As far as cross-media publishing is concerned, this task is performed by a central database. A proprietary system provides access to all content that has ever been produced within and for the company. MAM (Media Asset Management) and PIM (Product Information Management) do exactly that. This confusing flood of data is structured, any information loss is prevented and work processes are streamlined.

Individual employees can be given specific, topic-related access to content; a sophisticated usage-rights management system controls access. All operations are easy to comprehensible and earlier versions can be retrieved. Nothing gets lost and you can keep track of all individual stages of development. Images, texts, addresses - all required/desired elements can be linked and be adapted to match specific applications and processes.

Cross-media publishing systems are easy for your employees to operate. The system features standardized work sequences, meaning routine work like updates can be performed quickly and without additional effort. At the same time specific workflows for special projects can be handled at any time. The full-text search function and a precisely defined and structured archive enable searches for all content and metadata to be performed. The inclusion of all media channels and process transparency for all those involved delivers an effective, hitch-free cross-media publishing workflow.

Product Information Management - cross-linked product information updated in an instant

The PIM system manages all your product information: texts, images, films or logos. You can import the data by Excel spreadsheet or simply add information using Drag & Drop – the objective is to have all relevant product information ready to hand at any time and not to lose any product data. This saves money, accelerates processes and enhances the value of your product information.

When linked with the MAM (Media Asset Management) system, content, which can be published on all available channels – print, web or app and be created with a minimum of effort. This enables catalogs featuring additional promotional information to be produced very simply in print or digital format, customized supplier ranges to be made available or web-store content to be communicated.

These systems merge all the information that is stored in the large database that is your company. Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Product Information Management (PIM) give the deluge of information in your company an organized structure and lay the foundations for innovation, expansion and enhancement. All information is at your disposal and can be used instantly.

Cross-media publishing means it is no longer a problem to distribute catalogs, leaflets, advertisements or newsletters via print, web or app in different language versions – we would be delighted to provide you with further information about applications in your business!

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