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Consistent brand management

A successful brand captures the confidence of customers, a priceless asset. The basis for success is a uniform brand image with high recognition value. Logos, corporate typefaces, claims, colours, image language and sometimes even wordings are unchangeable.

Sales partners and branches use the corporate design for business cards, letter paper, files and folders, for vehicle insignia, scaffolding covers, poster walls, for catalogues, flyers, advertisements. The result? In the best case, a CD-compliant medium. The worst case is every brand manager’s nightmare: the logo appears differently from how it should look, the image statement does not match the brand, the colours are altered… and already the brand world has changed.

The long way: via the centre

Many enterprises thus organise all their printing centrally then distribute it to their branches or business partners. The disadvantage is that the media produced are identical for each branch and the enterprise misses local market opportunities.

The alternative is for sales partners and branches to design their advertising material themselves. Each medium must then be submitted to the centre, where marketing specialists can check whether the CD has been followed. The disadvantage is obvious: innumerable control processes cost time and money, with a long time to market.

The simple way: via Marketing ToolBox

The Longo Marketing ToolBox makes consistent brand management quick and easy. It makes available all the content and data needed for your media production centrally, including templates for various printed items such as advertisements, business cards or catalogues, as well as models for posters, nameplates or building site coverings. It also contains text modules and images that correspond to the wordings and image worlds of the brand. Your partners can now access the models worldwide and individualise them independently with just a few mouse clicks in the places and exactly to the extent you permit them.

You have a full overview

  • You decide where things may be changed. You can completely block a publicity medium right up to an customisable address field, or give users more freedom and offer them e.g. different design possibilities from a layout catalogue.
  • You decide to what extent things may be changed. Perhaps users can select an image themselves, but only from your image database to ensure that the image language corresponds to the CD.
  • You decide who may change things. The rights of individual users can be assigned quickly and easily. You specify the workflows step by step.
  • You decide what will be released. Because you specify all rights exactly beforehand, releases can be cancelled. If you would nevertheless like to see what is happening, you can define release processes beforehand depending on the product, order size or users, and you will be informed automatically by email.

Always up-to-date

The Marketing ToolBox also offers benefits for updates to your CD: enter the new models and immediately all locations can automatically use the same versions of the asset. Logos, images, layouts, videos and all other data are always present in the latest version.

Your benefits

   100% CD compliant

   optimised workflow

   short time to market

   overview of all partner activities

   professionally localized media
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