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Support for your sales partners

Not all business partners are alike, nor are their market conditions. In order to be able to make use of specific regional characteristics, your business partners need freedom of action for regional campaigns and individual publicity media. In the past this needed large time and cost outlays. With Marketing ToolBox you can now offer all your sales partners individual publicity media, even in very small production runs, for ultra-special target audiences.

Design templates once…

Your employees can design templates for flyers, brochures, displays – indeed for all publicity media that you would like to present to your business partners. These templates are entered in Marketing ToolBox and are then available to all your business partners. As well as graphic templates, Marketing ToolBox can also contain text modules, images, and even sound and video files.

…individualise them again and again

Your business partners can now access the templates worldwide. Each template has areas to which access is blocked, e.g. your own logo or the headline – in short, all areas that partners are not permitted to change. Other areas are freely adaptable: a field for the partner’s logo, address, or price structuring. This means advertising material can be streamlined to meet local market conditions.

The decision rests with you

You decide the extent to which your publicity media can be individualised. The degree of freedom you grant depends on the publicity media as well as on your partners’ locations. The various editors in Marketing ToolBox give you full control over their rights, from allowing free design of multiple page brochures using your corporate colour scheme and typeface or the choice of which layout catalogue to use, all the way to simply using local partners.

Full service for your business partners

Marketing ToolBox has a particularly user-friendly interface. The assets it contains allows anyone to create and order professional publicity media even without prior knowledge. This allows your partners to make use of Marketing ToolBox. As an alternative, you can offer your business partners publicity media that has already been individualised: if local branches can do something quickly and easily, this also frees up your capacities. Your business partners will on the other hand appreciate the all-round service that gives them a simple way of ordering publicity media from you for the local market.

Your benefits

   professionally localized media

   products, prices, actions tailored to local target audiences

   local integration of business partners

   cost-effective even for small target audiences
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