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Web development – the technology behind web design

Web development is what’s behind your attractive, informative and sales-driving website. Joomla, Typo3, WordPress, Shopware and Magento enable us to implement the technical aspects of your web project, no matter what size. We conceptually design and program a website consisting of only a few pages for a freelancer with the same rigor and attention to detail as we would approach a complex website for a company.

You may well have already identified a website that appeals to you or you have an image in mind of what your completed website should look like. Then just bring this idea along with you to our initial meeting. With your input we devise a coherent overall concept, covering web design, layout and structure of your new website. We advise you on which programming and content-management systems match your concept and which level of implementation will enable you to manage and update your website at a later date.

Perhaps you want to have as little to do with the background technical work and web programming as possible – in that case we will design and develop everything for you and handle updates, modifications and support. One way or the other – our web-programming service does not end when your new website goes live!

Website programming – we optimize your website

If you and your business have been online for a long time, maybe it’s time to review the overall look and feel and the functionality of your website. Be it responsive design or on-page optimization - user, search-engine and technology demands on web development are changing rapidly.

Does your website still meet with current requirements? Can your content and offerings be easily found and can your website be conveniently navigated on all terminal devices, like smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktop PCs? How up-to-date is your News page? Does your sitemap still incorporate all your key core statements, products or services?

Website Programmierung Swiss Vitalworld

If your website no longer meets these standards, then we should both clarify whether we can make your corporate website, your online store or your booking site fit for the digital future. A complete redesign is not always necessary, sometimes more minor web-programming adjustments and optimizations are all that’s required. Our programmers will put your website through its paces and make proposals for concrete action.

Well-thought-out web development – that’s how we get your websites, online stores, blogs and other online sites up and running. Why not get in touch with us!

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