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Book production

Book production is a complex process that begins with detailed planning. Together with the printer, the paper, printing process and number of copies are specified; then, together with the graphic designer, the cover, binding and layout are developed. The prepress process concerns itself with the print data to ensure that the finished printed book should correspond exactly to your conception.

It is vital in book production for there to be a seamless interlinking of processes, know-how and commitment on the part of all LONGO employees and a constant control of individual work procedures, which requires teamwork at all levels.

Book production – the way to your book begins with the book design

The manuscript is finished: now you want to see the book in print. As the author, publisher or client you may already have a concrete idea of how the book is to look. Our specialists help you realise your ideas for book design. They know which layout, cover and configuration is right for your book and will appeal to readers.

The cover is an important publicity and information medium: it is designed at LONGO by experienced graphic designers. The book cover represents the first visible reference to the book in any advertising effort as well as the first contact between the reader and the book, conveying far more than simply the author’s name and title. If you wish to have books printed, we will be pleased to offer you comprehensive advice on the design of the book cover as well as on the choice of the correct format, binding and paper.

Prepress and planning – your book goes to print

The individual steps in the production of a book are closely connected at LONGO. Smooth collaboration between our various departments, from pre-press to print logistics, is a major factor contributing to our high print quality, punctual delivery and costing accuracy.

Small and mini print runs are perfectly suited to digital printing, thanks to digital printing, book production is now an affordable, costable option, and not just for self publishers. If a large print run is required, the speed and precision of offset printing make it the appropriate process.

After the book has been printed it must be bound. The raw printed sheets come from the printworks and are folded, bound, cut and provided with a binding. Whether for threadless binding or thread stitching, a book for the mass-market or the coffee-table, we can also comprehensively advise you on this production step.

Books are frequently shrink-wrapped in plastic foil and bundled with booklets or magazines, and thus prepared for dispatch. We also support you in all the steps that follow the print run!

The end of the book production process results in what all LONGO employees are always delighted to hold in their hands: a finished book! Contact us for more details.

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