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Book design – how typography, design and print quality are a recipe for success

We at Longo regard book design as a perfect example of how you can provide a full graphic and typographic design service from a single source. We deal with every single step of the design process from the word go and provide you with advice about all the necessary details.

What matters first and foremost is the book’s content, which needs to be communicated in a lucid and appropriate manner to be accepted by its target audience. Yet aesthetic factors also play an important role in book design, alongside text legibility, good usability and appropriate layout. A book should look appealing, be of a manageable size and sit well in the reader’s hands. A well-designed, well-printed book is a truly visually and haptically sensuous experience!

Book design with aesthetic appeal is not an end in itself; the design of a book impacts on how saleable and how successful it is. The overall impression counts. The objective of our book designers, typographers and communication designers is to harmonize the entire layout of your book and match it to your target audience. We provide you with back-up and support and answer all your book design questions, to ensure that your book is a hit!

Book design – cover, layout and features appeal to the reader

Our marketing and design agency believes it is vital that a specific overall concept can be applied to the entire book design process from the word go – an overall idea that incorporates so much more than just the pages from the front to the back cover. Which target audience is the book-design intended to appeal to and what are the target audience’s reading and viewing habits? Plenty of details have to be clarified based on that – which is the right paper? Which is the right format? Which type and size of font ensure optimum legibility? How does the text have to be typeset? Hardback or softback? Does it need a dust jacket? A slipcase? Which design ensures that the reader is happy to pick up the finished product and read it?

Every book is different and requires different design inputs: a thin volume of poetry has to be designed differently to a sumptuous coffee-table book; a commemorative publication to mark a corporate anniversary should have a different aura to it compared to a technical reference book; a children’s book requires a different font size to a historical novel.

Cover design is a particularly important part of this process. The cover is always the first thing that a reader perceives – and often the only thing too. Yet the reader should not only take a look at the outside of the book but also pick it up, open it and not be able to put it down. That is exactly what our book designers want to beguile the reader into doing. Appealing, target audience-focused book design is what sets your book on the path to success.

Irrespective of whether you represent a publisher, company or are a private individual – we would be delighted to support you by providing you with book-design perfection – we look forward to discussing your ideas and requirements with you!

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