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The binding – from loose sheets to finished product

The book is printed, the loose sheets are ready for the catalogue. We also take care of the next work procedure, the binding. We can offer you an all-round service!

Each print product should demonstrate a perfect match between its content, its printing and its type of binding. Vital for the quality of the finished product is the so-called open-up behaviour, which determines how easily a book or a print item can be opened.

Thread stitching

Thread stitching is the “classic” type of book binding and at the same time the most durable. The process involves sewing the pages to one another in the spine then gluing them to the book cover. Thread stitching ensures excellent opening behaviour for the finished hardcover.

Threadless binding

Threadless binding is a simpler type of binding. Everyday books, novels and high-volume products are frequently bound in this way. Adhesive or glue is used rather than thread to hold the pages together.

Bookbinding expertise is necessary in the choice of the correct glue:

  • Dispersion glue: applied cold (also called cold glue). Ensures good open-up behaviour. Less used for coated paper as the glue does not bind optimally with the paper.
  • Hot melt glue: applied at higher temperatures, 80-200°C depending upon the kind of glue used. The glue immediately hardens when cool. Somewhat better durability than dispersion glue, but likewise not recommended for coated paper.
  • Polyurethane glue: a plastic used in the print industry since the end of the 1980s. High aging and temperature stability, also highly suitable for coated paper. Good open-up behaviour.

Other types of book bindings – a selection

  • Softcover binding – especially used for paperbacks, catalogues, magazines and business reports. Cardboard, plastics or other materials are used for the flexible book cover and glued to the book block.
  • Glued folding – an economical type of binding, suitable e.g. for print products of up to 16 pages such as advertising supplements in newspapers. An adhesive is applied in the folds to produce a functional brochure.
  • Wire-O binding – can be fully opened out when lying flat. For calendars and other print products whose page content has to be regularly turned without problems.
  • Calendar binding with wire hanger and thumbhole punching. The ideal binding for wall calendars.

We can bind anything

There are many ways of binding a book or a printed product. We will select the right type of binding for your print product with you.

What’s more, everything that comes before the binding – design, layout, prepress and printing – plus everything that follows – packaging, dispatching, advertising – can all be supplied by LONGO in South Tyrol and Augsburg!

Contact us  – LONGO, the printworks for all your needs in South Tyrol and Augsburg.

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