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Hardcoversoftcover,  flexcover, brochure binding, brochure, paperback, pocket book: the terms we printers use for covers are often a little confusing. Sometimes there are only nuances in the types of binding, yet there are clear differences between all these different types of covers.

Which cover for what product?

An overview of the best-known cover variants:

  • Hardcover, often shortened to HC. Here the spine, front and back of the book consist of one element: the block is mounted and glued to the front and back. Find out more about the printing and production of hardcovers here
  • Softcover: in everyday use we mostly speak of pocket books as softcovers. However there are numerous other softcover bindings. Find out more about the printing and production of softcovers here.  

Cover and content: consistency inside and outside

The decision regarding the book format, cover and binding is made long before printing begins. Ideally the author, publisher or client will already have a clear conception of how this is to be done. We then simply advise during the book production process on “consistency inside and outside”: a fit-for-purpose cover to match the content and overall design of the book. And, last but not least, to ensure reader satisfaction!

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