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Hardcover: for everyday books and prestige objects

With a hardcover binding the two book covers and the spine form one element. The binding material ranges from stiff cardboard or linen to leather or other special materials. Graphically designed information on the author and title, embossing on the flyleaf, ornamentation and lacquer finishes – all this makes an everyday book into a high-quality hardcover and a prestige object.

Advertising and information medium – and great enjoyment

Hardcovers are also always contemporary witnesses. Each epoch has had its own forms of book design, from the splendid medieval volumes to the rather plainer present-day editions. But even today there are books that involve highly complex manufacturing processes. Printed or punched linen, leather of all kinds: for booklovers the sensory experience is just as important for enjoying the book.

Binding has changed from the formerly dominant thread stitching to the ever more popular threadless binding. The development of printing techniques has led to the use of glues that are stable and flexible enough to hold together even larger and heavier blocks with lower-priced adhesive bindings, something that previously was only possible with thread stitching. Nevertheless, thread stitching is for many booklovers still an important detail and quality criterion.

In addition to the binding, most books nowadays are usually provided with a dust jacket. As the name suggests, its original purpose was to protect the book. Today dust jackets also serve as information and advertising media, adorned with words, photos and graphics according to your wishes by our book designers.

Hardcovers from LONGO – quality at every step

We take the greatest care as regards materials and processing during book production. From the pre-press and printing to the binding process, each step is thoroughly carried out in our printworks in South Tyrol and Augsburg. It goes without saying that we always use the latest technology. The hardcover ultimately has to satisfy everyone: our clients, ourselves and future readers.

We will be pleased to tell you more about the process at any time. Please contact us.

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