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Large-format print – large-scale visual attractions

Large-format print has its own particular requirements and challenges. You can’t simply enlarge an image that has been used for an advertisement to any print span you like. 1:1 conversion of existing advertising to a large format is not advisable. Key advertising motifs have to be visible from a long distance and clearly recognizable and the lettering has to be legible. Your marketing message needs to be recognized and internalized by passers-by in an instant.
The character, the imagery, the text – all that has to remain recognizable in large-format print too. Simple enlarging generally does not achieve that.

Where roadside posters are involved, vehicle drivers only have a very short time to take notice of images and text. They don’t have time to read longer texts. Logo and product therefore have to be unambiguous and memorable. But large formats also need to have an impact at close quarters. If you go past a billboard, colors and fonts should not just be visible as a pixelated patchwork and the inner coherence of the marketing message must not be allowed to get lost.

So the signmaker’s job is to masterfully depict the identity of the product and of the advertising campaign, familiar from a range of different marketing media, such as displays, print or online advertising, in large-format too. Big prints are visible at long distances and attract attention, so it is all the more important to design, develop and produce these with care and a sense of quality awareness.

We can design entire walls for you, for example by printing on wall coverings. These non-woven wallpapers can easily be dry-removed once a campaign has ended. We can provide you with a prepared range of motifs and patterns, but we look forward even more to developing new, customized big-print motifs in cooperation with you.

As a large-format print provider we use a flatbed press. Our mechanical facilities enable us to print large print products in all widths to photographic quality standards using a wide range of different substrates, like wood, metal, plastic and fabric.

Large Format Printing – more than just tailor-made advertising banners and tarpaulins

We design flags, advertising banners and tarpaulins for your exterior-wall and scaffolding-cover needs. Your input enables us to keep on developing new, innovative and unexpected large-format-print applications. We also provide a full waterproof/wind-resistant advertising tarpaulin installation service. After obtaining all the necessary official permits, our installation team secures your large-format posters in place outdoors and indoors. This installation service also includes insurance against possible damage.

The right time, the right place and a creative idea – these are the prerequisites for large-scale communication. Our printing and marketing specialists know what is technically feasible in large-format printing terms. We co-devise a signmaking concept with you and action your advertising campaign in large-format. We always regard this creative process as very exciting and it produces effective results that you can’t miss. Our large-format print products are visible at long distances and are guaranteed to attract plenty of attention to your marketing message and company 24/7.

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