UV-offset print: makes all luxury and image products shine

Greater brilliancy and more intense color vibrancy – that’s what we can achieve with UV-offset print. This hybrid print technique delivers pictures with enhanced three-dimensionality, vividness and motif depth. Our innovative inline method enables combinations of matt and glossy varnishes to be used for UV-offset print purposes. High-gloss surfaces achieve greater penetration and their intense radiant colors impress, almost like on a slide; semi-gloss surfaces convey a particularly premium and luxuriant impression. We find a combination of semi-gloss, pearl-gloss and high-gloss to be the most effective. These contrasts attract the attention of observers and even provide a haptic experience – and naturally there are no fingerprints on the printed surface and you don’t find ink residues on your fingers after you have touched the print item.

In contrast to matt film lamination, inline UV varnishing enables even the smallest of print details to be highlighted. Exact-fit cut-outs and perforations can also be performed in the same operation, thanks to our state-of-the-art printing presses. And last but not least this hybrid technique offers superb value for money. Why not see for yourself!

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