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Packaging design – transport, information, attractiveness

Packaging is your product’s business card, because it is the packaging that first makes the product visible to the customer. The first sight, the feel of the packaging, the intelligibility of the contents, the information on the packaging, the immediately and clearly recognisable brand – attraction and information all in one. Packaging design is therefore a vital factor in your success.

Our packaging design department is staffed by professionals experienced in the area of packaging development, whose sole aim is to produce the best design. The creative minds of our agency will package your product in such a way that it has excellent protection, is easy to transport and attracts the customer’s attention.

The original purpose of packaging was to protect the contents and aid in transport. Packaging today is far more than that: it conveys information; it has to stand out from a vast number of other products; it has to express the individuality of the product while meeting the customer’s wishes; it forms part of the branding.

It communicates the product’s quality and features and, last but by no means least, it addresses the senses and arouses enthusiasm, thus developing an emotional attractiveness.

Packaging – care and innovation

The development of attractive packaging requires considerable creative skill. No matter whether it is a matter of simple functional packaging or a highly distinctive and innovative design, the product, brand and quality must always be perfectly co-ordinated. Packaging design is a vital success factor for your revenues!

We will develop targeted, absolutely co-ordinated packaging together with you. Our specialists in packaging design all dispose of the latest technology as we constantly upgrade our printing and manufacturing techniques in order to ensure our high quality standards and guarantee you the ideal solution to your challenge.

Individual packaging design solutions are enormously important to make the character of your brand visible and ensure its recognisability to the customer. Appealing designs and constructions, varied and different, improved and further developed, will all ultimately produce the right answer to your specific requirements. Our packaging designers will enthusiastically accompany you in developing the perfect, aesthetically satisfying packaging for your needs.

Each product and occasion requires a perfectly co-ordinated, appropriate solution.
We formulate the packaging and design and select the suitable material for the job: whether paper, cardboard or foil, we use the material that will make your brand both recognisable and unmistakable.

Our offset specialists will make the finest colour nuances visible. From simple functional packaging to the finest gloss finish, everything is possible – always in high quality.

Corrections and improvements to the packaging design are possible at any time, from the first ideas and designs and the production of dummies right the way through to the printing process – once we have finally agreed that design and product are in complete accord.

Our enthusiasm in designing and producing packaging will also impress – and inspire – your customers.

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