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SPECTRA7® – bright colours, efficient print

With SPECTRA7® it is possible to print packaging more efficient. Why an extraordinary image quality is guaranteed, is explained here:

SPECTRA7® – lots of colours, one print solution

Within brand communication and packaging PANTONE® colours are almost indispensable because they are attractive for the end-consumer. After all PANTONE® colours are special. Within an extensive product portfolio a lot of attention and additional print processes are required. This leads to a lot of time and cost consumption.

Efficient packaging print and an extraordinary image quality

Therefore, our Research & Development team from LONGO has developed a new printing technique: SPECTRA7®. With SPECTRA7® the colour space is increased around 30% and it is possible to reproduce 90% of all PANTONE® colours within one printing process. In favour we us additionally to the four main colours CMYK three more colours: orange, green and purple.

With our new printing technique SPECTRA7® it is not only possible to print more efficient, but also guarantees SPECTRA7® an extraordinary image quality for your packaging.

  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • Brilliancy, dynamic and expressiveness
  • More intensity and agility
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