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POS material: stands and displays to attract more attention at the Point of Sale

Stands and displays are among the most well-known and frequently used publicity media in the retail trade and at trade fairs. Simple cardboard displays that can be disposed of following the sale of the item, as well as display systems that are suitable for further use, stand-up displays for actions that may be repeated at a later time as well as complex presentation systems made of acrylic glass or metal that are used for high-quality, high-priced products: POS material is an ever-present at all sales areas.

We naturally also produce and print simple, uncomplicated standard designs for displays, but our ambitions go further: our stands have been developed on the basis of customer requirements with display systems that match the respective product and brand and are produced in such quality that they themselves are genuine eye-catchers.

Whether as a means of grabbing customer attention, as stands for brochures or displays for goods, our displays and stands are not only aimed at attracting looks and stimulating demand: they also have to convey the brand message of your enterprise at the Point of Sale.

New challenges for proven advertising media

Form, printing, material – the initial ideas for our displays and stands can always be individually adapted and arranged. Familiar POS material gets a makeover with additional functions and print finishings. Advertising stands in front of shops have to stand out with their design and message and make customers stop and take note: advertising media that are individually designed and attract customers into the shop.

From floor displays, the much-used counter displays, stands with samples for testing a product, shelf displays, pallet displays that simultaneously serve as packaging and presentation for the goods, all the way up to advertising media that is continuously in use in front of shops – we can confidently say that we can improve any and all POS material!

Our wide-ranging experience of almost all types of printing techniques allows us to design and print displays in a highly professional manner. Even for one-off stands, the high quality and consistent communication of your advertising message are very important design principles. The materials we use in production, such as pasteboard, plastic, metal, wood and acrylic glass must fit into the surroundings of the future presentation location and the design must correspond exactly to the product image.

The way to better products: seeing and admiring, analysis and inspiration

Location is vitally important for every advertising stand and advertising message. Using space skilfully in order to ensure the greatest attention – this is one of the central requirements of our display systems.

One important point is light. Light must emphasise, make structures visible on surfaces and let colours shine, while directing the gaze to the product being advertised and presented. We thus plan lighting from the outset and can integrate light sources into our displays.

Especially with everyday objects such as displays, we constantly have to try to see the familiar afresh and discover new possibilities in well-known images and functions. We therefore break out of the usual routine and use our knowledge and skills to develop surprising new forms of presentation. Our designers, printers and packaging technicians all think beyond the purely practical benefits.

In this way we can create spectacularly striking and informative advertising media from otherwise standard furniture, signs and shelves. Even if displays and stands are among the most frequently appearing forms of publicity at the Point of Sale, we believe that there are still ways to improve their design. So why not test us – we look forward to the challenge!

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