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Pre-press – this is where print quality starts

Pre-press lays the foundations for print quality; it is a complex process that requires precision teamwork from a range of different teams. At this stage print data, which is either provided by you or produced by our in-house creative team, is edited to dovetail with the previously specified printing process. Texts, pictures and graphics are merged in a print file, checked and revised and thus made ready-to-print.

Pre-press includes careful checking of typesetting work, image retouching, color correction and page layout. Once retouching has been completed, the proofs are generated on-screen as digital proofs, offset proofs or soft proofs in line with acknowledged standards.

All colors are checked, matched and harmonized at the pre-press stage from input through output. Our color management system guarantees consistent quality from template/artwork through final print product. Our Quality Lab monitors and documents all individual operations during the entire process in minute detail to ensure we meet your and our standards of maximum print quality. In order to be able to give you a premium-quality print product guarantee, our pre-press employees receive continuous training and their workstations are equipped with state-of-the-art technology.

At the end of this process the required print product exists in ready-to-print format and you can have the last corrections and changes made prior to final print approval. Your usual contact is also the go-to person for this link in the process chain, because pre-press at LONGO means a single-source service. You have one designated contact person, who mentors your project from delivery of print data through final print product, to manage the entire workflow. You can still contact your designated go-to person, even for follow-up print runs and reissues.

From pre-press to archive

Data handling has become a fundamentally important part of the pre-press process. The workflow automation systems that our specialist team has introduced have enabled us to work faster and more cost-effectively and deliver print products at a guaranteed premium level of quality.

At LONGO you can also book pre-press services as a separate service. Our offering includes everything from handling of raw data through the finished printing plate for the required printing method and supply of the appropriate substrate – paper, cardboard, plastic.

Our pre-press service does not end with delivery of printable data – we also provide you with solutions for archiving your print data. We know that the pressures of day-to-day business leave little time to devote to proper image and print data management. That’s why we, acting as an external service provider, can offer you database solutions with smart search and selection options. We set up and manage your database and you have 24/7 access to photos, graphics and documents, without having to spend ages searching for them.

In all of these processes we not only work with state-of-the-art technology, we also do our own research and enhance our pre-press resources too. This enables us to ensure our high quality standards and provide you with products featuring a substantial degree of added value – why not put us to the test!

Color Management

As part of our color management system we use color profiles and comply with acknowledged standards to achieve as high a level of color fidelity as possible. In this respect we guarantee ongoing checks and calibration of all input and output devices by our Quality Lab. International data handling and communication in the offset print industry are based on PSO (offset process standard in German-speaking markets) and the ISO 12647-2 norm. As far as LONGO’s own proprietary technologies, like Intenso+®, are concerned, we also go beyond the stipulations of the above-mentioned norm.


Retouching requires particular rigor and a high degree of professionalism. During the color retouching process our specialists specifically retouch and optimize photos and images in line with the customer’s requirements and preferred style. This ensures that the color ambiance also conveys a harmonious impression to complement consistent imagery. We can also help out with renderings and special effects. Retouching gives your graphics and photos the ultimate finishing touch.


Edited and typeset text and images are merged at the pagination stage into the page layout. Even if the key impact generated by these images is lessened, the structuring of the text nevertheless contributes a great deal to the appearance of the page. How understandable a book is, how well a strapline sticks in the mind, how easily a form can be filled out – all that is significantly influenced by text layout and pagination.
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