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Intenso+® - greater vibrancy, greater brilliance, greater color intensity

Printing-related challenges that we just love to tackle: what can we at LONGO do to make the colors on fashion photos glow, to make architecture photos have a three-dimensional impact and to make images of paintings and works of art true to the original, even the subtlest nuances?

We have developed a new print method, Intenso+®, to meet these challenges.

This LONGO-developed and -patented print method gives colors an intense glow and produces high-contrast pictures of unbelievable brilliance. Intenso+® expands color spaces by up to 20%. That makes color shades seem purer and color saturation is perceptibly increased. Seeing an Intenso+® print of a bar of chocolate makes you want to bite into it straightaway – the print results look so realistic. We believe Intenso+® is so good, you can scarcely distinguish the print from the original – why not see for yourself.

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