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Lettershop: personalized, packaged – and time to hit the road

When it comes to customer communications, targeted mailshots are simply more effective. Because given the deluge of marketing messages out there, personalized direct marketing is the best way to attract attention. To make this happen, you require professional fulfilment, as we at LONGO provide, in the form of a stand-alone lettershop service or integrated into our overall offering.

From marketing campaign design through shipping we provide a full range of lettershop services from a single source. This is the best way of coordinating specific aspects of your campaign, be it self-mailers, postcards or other mailshot formats, and of optimizing the overall campaign concept. LONGO digitally prints personalized mailshots using digital print or a combination of digital and offset print.

Over the years many well-known customers have opted to utilize our lettershop services, be it inkjet or laser-print address labeling, item-picking, enveloping, shipping or even print finishing using our own special techniques. Direct mail is increasing in importance – which not least can be attributed to our range of flexible, creative personalization options.

Of course fulfillment also includes storing your lettershop items. This enables us to ship really fast on demand in personalized form to your customers, to your branches, to trade fairs or to your partners.

Are you looking for a mailshot campaign with a bit of bite? Our in-house marketing media team would be really delighted to design one for you. Our graphic design department also has plenty of ideas, for example, how you can effectively augment mailshots by adding marketing media.

Not a cent too much – postage optimization

Anybody, who sends mail in bulk to domestic and international destinations, knows what a jungle international postage regulations, special terms & conditions and pricing differences represent. And that is also dependent on countries, shipping service providers, postcode zones, size, content, weight and so on… We at LONGO know our way round this jungle. So we can help you save a whole load of money as early as the planning stage of a mailshot campaign.

Extremely sensitive – addresses

Handling/managing a large pool of addresses is a skill in itself. We are masters of the high art of reliable address validation and duplicate removal as well as of efficient address management before we commence the actual personalization process.

Knowing that address details are in trustworthy hands at LONGO gives you peace of mind. We are very much aware that the personal data of your customers is highly sensitive material. We therefore attach a great deal of importance to data protection and take this issue very seriously. We comply to the letter with the applicable rules.

It’s the combination that does the trick – the value that LONGO adds

In addition to our wide range of print services that we provide pre-lettershop, we can also offer our clients other lettershop-related services. Our online print business platforms enable customers to produce personalized mailshots online and the service features direct preview and direct response control facilities. That is web-to-print, or web-to-lettershop. Whatever your preference – we make it happen!

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