Corporate Design

The red thread

To create a comprehensive image of the company, a strong corporate design is needed. And this can only be created if everything is consistent and if all elements are arranged in a homogeneous way. If this happens, it is obvious to people which brand is being represented. To be efficient and to fulfill its purpose, the corporate design must permeate the entire company. Values and the identity of the brand are communicated through corporate design. The target audience must feel addressed and be able to identify with the brand. How and where is the logo positioned, how and where may it be used and how not?

Corporate design is the company design, the visual representation of the company to the outside world, and contributes significantly to the formation of a harmonious corporate image: corporate branding. The personality of the company and its corporate identity is emphasized by the corporate design. We are aware of this, take it into account, and not only specify it, but also ensure that letterhead, business cards, notebooks, envelopes, and other printed business materials and business documents are created in a uniform design.

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