Packaging is half the sale!

Packaging is our strength – and a direct route to your target audience.

Just as clothes make the person, packaging makes the product. Our team ensures that your product appears in such a way that your target audience not only notices it – but is also won over by packaging that is individual, practical and relevant!

Everything from one source

We do everything when it comes to developing your new packaging, from the initial idea and design through to prepress and production. Our team of experts knows exactly which packaging is right for your product – and your target group! And they can also produce it. All in one, one for all!

Digital & offset

While digital printing is quick and uncomplicated, and therefore especially suited to small runs, offset printing is suitable for larger and, above all, more complex jobs. By offering both, we can produce your desired packaging – no matter what it looks like or how many items you need. Place your order and leave the rest to us!

Custom-made products

The combination of digital, offset and offset UV printing means we can produce special packaging and custom-made products. Paper, cardboard, white, coloured, even metallic and shiny – we are sure to be able to meet your requirements! We can of course handle food-grade materials too. Your product is our mission!

Natural materials

Packaging must protect and must simplify transport – but it also has to meet today’s standards and be appealing! It must not, however, pollute the environment – which is why we can produce packaging from natural materials such as apple paper, print it with chemical-free inks... and create packaging that is then a statement – yours!

Special editions

Are you planning a special promotion and want to pack your product appropriately for the period? We can help! Whether for a Christmas edition, an opening special or a product relaunch, we can also develop and produce smaller runs for special editions. We will always find the right outfit for your product!

LONGO meets Videojet

The installation of Videojet printheads on our offset press enables us to print variable data along with LONGO quality.

A unique solution that combines print quality, finishing and lower costs for medium and high volume runs achieved by offset printing with variable data. Especially for packaging and lotteries, traceability and labeling possibilities are crucial. The main advantage is that packaging can be personalized in a single print run at high speed.

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