Sustainability at LONGO

Environmentally conscious actions in a production company

Through numerous partners and a wide variety of actions, we try to act as sustainably as possible even in the production industry. "You can't make an omelet without breaking eggs" - we are a print shop, advertising agency, and packaging manufacturer, which means we produce and therefore generate CO2. Nevertheless, we try to act in an environmentally conscious way and create products that are lasting. For us, sustainability means not only being as respectful as possible of our environment but also manufacturing products that last.

Part of our philosophy is to produce high-quality products and thus contribute to their longevity.

Environmental Partner

Climate-neutral printing

We work with two companies that enable us to produce carbon-neutral print products. Since 2010 we are working with NatureOffice and since 2019 with ClimatePartner. Based on the CO2 footprint (Corporate Carbon Footprint (CCF)), unavoidable CO2 emissions of a project are collected, calculated and then offset through carbon-neutral printing.

Energy consumption

Book Chain Project is a company that monitors and tracks our energy consumption. The company helps publishers compare the sustainability of the printers they work with and choose a partner that meets their needs. Collecting and reporting data, and documenting our energy consumption and waste management is essential when working with all our partners. However, this data is necessary for our collaboration with NatureOffice, ClimatePartner and Book Chain Project, but also helps us identify areas of sustainability where we can improve further.

Sustainable papers

Recycled paper, apple paper and certificates on certificates

When selecting paper, a first decision towards sustainability can be made. Environmentally conscious communication must consist of appropriate raw materials as well.

From recycled papers to apple paper

Papers of recycled materials as well as papers made from various organic raw materials can be an option here. We can print for example on hemp paper, seed paper, grass paper, but above all we are specialized in printing on apple paper.

FSC® papers

Furthermore, there are papers that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) certified. The FSC® seal guarantees environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable management of forests. The certification relates to the entire production chain of paper and their processing beyond. Through our FSC® certification, we are involved in this production chain. Products printed by us with FSC® paper can therefore be marked with the FSC® seal.

Blue Angel eco-label and PEFCTM papers

Furthermore, we work with papers that carry the Blue Angel eco-label Blue Angel eco-label. In this case, paper is produced from recycled paper, which is more resource-friendly. Less wastewater, water, and energy are needed than in the production of fresh fiber paper. The Blue Angel eco-label stands for papers that are made from 100% waste paper. Optical brighteners and other chemical additives are prohibited here, and special attention is given to the conservation of forest resources.

PEFCTM is another certification system that stands for sustainable forest management and is consequently used when producing paper.  In digital printing, we work with PEFC-certified papers if desired. Paper products with the PEFCTM seal come from ecologically, economically and socially sustainably managed forests.


PSO certification according to ISO 12647-2 standard for fast printing press set-up, since 2006, preventing waste of resources and guaranteeing a quality standard in offset printing on European level.

ISO 14001 Environmental Protection, since 2016. The last inspection took place in May 2022.

ISO 9001 Organization and Quality Management System, since 2015.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety OHSAS, since 2018.

Environmentally friendly printing materials

Mineral oil-free colors

To keep color consumption as low as possible, we use intensive colors in offset printing. Intensive colors are colors that have a higher pigmentation and are therefore more covering even with low consumption. In addition, all colors and varnishes we use are mineral oil free and vegetable based. We are able to issue a sustainability and health declaration of no concern for all our printed products. This is especially required for products that are exposed to children.

Chemical-free printing plates

We also have the possibility to produce printing plates without using any developing chemicals at all. These are chemical-free printing plates of the type Kodak Sonora.

Digital printing

In digital printing, we only use devices that work with dry toner. Dry toner has the advantage of being 100% recyclable and therefore not harmful to health. This additionally enables us to obtain food certification.


As far as plastic and foils are concerned, we are constantly looking for solutions. Already in use are biodegradable or compostable shrink film (Biocartene), shrink foil (PLA based on corn & sweet potato) and plasticizing film (CGL+CMT). However, we are not satisfied yet. We regularly conduct material tests to replace more materials with environmentally friendly alternatives.

Sustainability throughout the whole company


  • 100% Green Energy (hydroelectric energy from Alperia)
  • Isolation of the roof of the building in order to reduce the need for heating and air conditioning and to prepare for a photovoltaic system
  • We replaced conventional lamps with LED lamps in our warehouse in order to increase energy efficiency.


  • Shipping boxes made of recycled waste paper
  • Stuffing material made of 100% recycled waste paper
  • Shipping bags made of 100% recycled waste paper
  • Climate neutral shipping at the customer's request via DHL GoGreen

What else?

  • Personalized coffee cups, plastic cups have been banned and also plastic bottles were replaced with a water dispenser
  • Strict waste separation and recycling of paper, cardboard, plastic, aluminum printing plates, rubber blankets, old toner cartridges (there is a material cycle here)
  • Suppliers running on hydrogen (verify suppliers through surveys and site visits)
  • Upgrading of greener vehicle pool
  • E-charging stations in Bolzano and Augsburg
  • Water collection in the Ziggl to use less coolant
  • Job bike in Germany for climate-friendly commuting
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