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A publicity agency born in a production company as real doers

From small logo adjustments to the redesign of the corporate design to a comprehensive annual campaign; from a traditional hotel in the Ahrntal Valley to one of the largest sports retail chains in Europe - we can do it. Our advertising agency, tenderly called the "Creatives", stands for creative concepts, cool designs, and real manufacturing company power. Implementation is our top priority. Our graphic designers transform their ideas into concrete proposals and know what can be transferred on paper (and above all, how).

Logo development and corporate design

To be able to call a brand a brand, a logo is needed. A picture, typeface, a symbol that represents the company, the organization, the association. It should be clear whom you are dealing with immediately. The logo should convey the first impression: serious, funny, trustworthy, responsible, or playful. The core of the company should be reflected in the logo. The logo should appeal to the target group and ensure that at first sight everyone can associate the logotype, the signet, the image. It provides the necessary effect of instant recognition.

The corporate design should work in harmony with the logo. Which fonts, colors, and spacing must be used? It is the visual and linguistic representation of the company, which, just like the logo, should provide as much information as possible about the brand's values and its identity. The corporate design contributes significantly in creating a harmonious overall image.

Brand architecture

Logo and corporate design already make a significant difference and are essential for the appearance of the brand. However, everything around the brand must adhere to a specific style. Based on the goals the company pursues, a basic framework is built, an architecture of the brand is created and a design style is chosen. Know-how and experience in various industries, help us to respond to different business needs in a flexible way and to find the right way for the appropriate target group. Since we appreciate direct communication with our clients and our seventh sense (graphic design) we strive to align the target group's needs with the client's wishes and requirements. Together we "build" the brand and develop an architecture around the company's values and philosophy.

Integrated advertising campaigns

Once we have designed the overall brand framework appropriately, it's time to put it into practice. Based on the target group and the underlying brand message, we create creative advertising campaigns. We introduce new products or strengthen the brand on the market through a design that fits the company - whether it's a traditional business with long history or a restaurant with a sense of humor: we find a way to express it. Using the right tonality, we address the right people with the right content, on the right channels. Whether it's billboards, web spots, radio, cinema, print ads, online, or social media - we make sure the campaign is in line with the medium and has a red thread throughout.

Visual language

Of course, images do not only have to be visually appealing, they also have to fit the company and look harmonic together. Simple furnishings, product photos on a cool background, a tractor in front of a dramatic sky - depending on the brand and the communication goal, the graphics must be adapted. The consumer should recognize immediately which brand addresses him or her. By visual language, we mean the specific choice of extracts, graphics, and illustrations that transmit what needs to be said.

Graphic design

A great corporate concept, a meaningful corporate philosophy, and strong values are a fantastic basis. With the right graphic design, corporate concept and philosophy really shine through. However, corporate design by itself is not enough for advertising billboards, brochures, or banners. Only supported by image and text one reaches to be really seen. The positioning of images and text and their embedding in the corporate design support the visual perception of the customer.


An important element of corporate design is the typeface. The corporate font ensures that customer magazines, stationery, envelopes, flyers, posters, etc. can be associated with a very specific brand. Images and other design elements are important to build the overall visual appeal, yet a distinctive typeface is essential. Especially if the logo is a lettering logo and is not accompanied by an image or can stand without an image/signet, it is essential that the lettering is identifiable. Typography is about creating and setting this recognition value. Spacing, accentuation, colors, and cuts: these are all part of the typographical definition.

Text language

Language is key in communication - sounds obvious, but often it is not that simple. Once the company's orientation has been determined, the target group must be identified. Then it's a matter of understanding what language both (company and target group) use to communicate. A tech company communicates differently from a sustainability-focused resort, and someone from GenZ has different needs and uses different vocabulary than the Boomer generation, for example. In addition, language should be used to showcase the personality of the company. Content should be conveyed, but in an appropriate way according to the target group. It should correspond to the corporate language and consider aspects such as generding or anglicisms in texts. Overall, it should "catch" the right target group.

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