Prepress – the final touch!

We help you achieve the perfect print product.

Prepress is what ensures a printed product possesses the finest quality. A flawless, faultless print file requires both precision and conscientiousness – the only way to create an impeccable print product!

Image editing

The perfect picture has yet to fall from the heavens! Or, rather, from the printing press. This is why image editing – or retouching – is an essential part of prepress. We will standardise the imagery of your print product, make sure any imperfections are corrected according to your wishes and give your images the finishing touch – for the perfect print result!


The way in which images and text harmonize on a page depends primarily on the layout: our professionals know exactly how your slogan has to be positioned so as to catch the reader’s eye, where the photo can have greatest effect – and how the text will best support the composition. Content – and how it is arranged – is not a matter of chance!

Checking and proofing

Are you sure no mistakes have crept in? Do the colour nuances match the original, is the layout fault-free – and does the product in all its details achieve the desired effect? This is exactly what our quality laboratory will check when it inspects the print file for correctness. If everything is ready for press, we will send the file to you – because our customers always have the last word!

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