More color space in offset printing

Our solution to many color-related challenges we encounter over and over again when printing in offset, is Spectra7. People with a particular affinity towards color, such as designers, graphic artists, artists, or simply people who love color, would prefer to print everything in Pantone colors. In offset, however, we cannot print an infinite number of Pantone colors. Theoretically. The internally developed printing technique Spectra7 allows 30% more color space through 3 additional colors. CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and key - black) are supplemented by orange, green, and violet. This allows us to reproduce 90% of all Pantone colors in one print run. It allows creative people and color lovers to print with more than just 1-2 Pantone colors. Colors are reproduced particularly brightly, dynamically, and intensively when printed with Spectra7.

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50 Shades of Grey

Not all B&W is the same. Sounds maybe more simple than it is. To ensure that the foggy, mysterious landscape of Venice or the look of the little girl in Cuba do not look empty or flat, we have an "ace up our sleeve" for this, too. Photo books, art magazines, or illustrated books should look vivid even when printed in black and white. The pictures and photos should say more than a thousand words even in "two colors" and remain dynamic. Since we enjoy photo books and have a little extra enthusiasm for art, we came up with something: we do not just print black in different raster points on paper. We get more color space by using special color pigmentation and thus create "50 Shades of Grey".

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More than just black and white

Similar to Duoton, Triton is all about adding life to the "black and white" of common usage, even on paper. Black and white images are often elegant, contrasty and eclectic, if not multicolored. Triton helps us to enhance contrasts, emphasize depths and thus recreate more intensity and three-dimensionality. The moment should thus be brought from the illuminated screen to paper as precise and realistic as possible.

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UV Offset

UV offset printing technology is particularly suitable for letterpress paper: the rough paper surface means that conventional print inks quickly lose their strength – but not when UV offset printing is used! This combines high-gloss and matt inks to give the motif more depth and plasticity. The colours also dry very quickly and are odourless, while the printing technology is particularly environmentally friendly.

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Deep colors

Intenso+ is another printing technique that increases color space, overcoming the limits of offset printing. The printing process was developed and patented by us to achieve a 20% higher color space. The result is even bluer seas that you immediately want to dive into and even richer jungle plants that invite you to explore further. Colors are reproduced with more purity and contrast. Intenso+ is particularly convincing when printing fashion photography or product images when the color needs to be as genuine as possible.

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