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After the first briefing, we get together and brainstorm on what we can come up with regarding the concepts, characteristics, and traits we have been briefed on. Then we start working immediately on the first draft. Objective and pragmatic or rather playful and funny or maybe sporty and active? Every company has a personality, which is expressed first and foremost in the logo. It is what customers see first and how they recognize a brand. The logo gives the customer a first feeling of who or what he or she is dealing with. Colors and shapes play an important role. We tend to associate green with nature, and environmental awareness and is generally a positive color; therefore green is the color of hope. Red, on the other hand, has a slightly different effect on us; red tends to symbolize emotion and stimulation. We perceive curved lines as more playful, while angular shapes are considered soberer. All of this needs to be taken into consideration when designing a logo.


Even when rebranding, adjusting the typeface can make a huge difference. We went from a broad, rather angular blue logo to a rounder, more refined, more modern red LONGO, for example. The letters are longer and softer and emotional red, rather than cold, technical blue has been chosen.

When we see a curved red lettering, we get thirsty right away and feel the chilled carbonation of our favorite soft drink on our tongues; when we see a slightly tilted "made it" hook - we know "just do it" and seeing yellow arches on a red background, we picture a clown in a red and white striped suit dancing in front of us and we want to have a burger. These are examples of successful brands of which we know, just through the description of the logos, what brand we are referring to. This is the goal of well-done branding: to make the brand instantly recognizable.

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