Stronger together!

Our partner agencies

We are lucky to have truly strong partners on our side! So as to guarantee full service of the very best quality, we have called for reinforcements – with these top enterprises:

medialike –

People buy what they can find: the medialike agency in Munich takes full care of our customers when it comes to online marketing. They are experts in such matters as SEO-optimized content for websites, Amazon marketing and social media presence. Whether for customer magazines or corporate blogs, product SEO or content marketing: when it comes to online issues, the medialike team has been a reliable partner for us and our customers since 2013!
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Equus – promo trade

Short, sharp messages – our partner Equus from Bozen does not put these on paper, but rather on advertising materials such as key fobs, lighters, calendars and much more besides. The smaller the advertising space, the more creativity that is required! Which is precisely where this company’s skills lie.
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LONGO | Point b

Together with Point b Solutions, we are able to handle complex printing projects, even overseas. We combine our know-how in the printing sector with a prepress precisely adapted to the american market and on-site communication. Our years of experience and close cooperation enable us to provide our American customers with the best possible service and products.

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