High-Quality Offset Printing -
Standard and Beyond

Offset printing beyond the standard is our specialty. What does this mean? In offset printing, there is a standard that is "proof of consistently high quality". We can do standard. We have been certified PSO (Process Standard Offset) for over 15 years. But what makes us special are printing techniques that go beyond the standard. Stronger contrasts and more intense colors are the results. For each project, our years of experience are used to determine which type of printing will work best to achieve our customers' needs.

Innovative printing techniques

Through challenges we have developed in-house special printing techniques

Even after 65 years in the printing business, finding original solutions is a must. LONGO offers a lot, yet there are always challenges for which new approaches have to be found. This does not discourage us at all. Anyone can do ordinary, we want to create products and projects that bring long-term pleasure to our customers and us, and thus last. Our passion helps us to constantly seek new ways and possibilities that make "more" possible. With this approach we have regional, national and international success, so we stay committed and continue to explore new possibilities.

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Sustainable special papers

Paper? Of course we can! Especially when it comes to special papers, including apple, stone or grass papers. We attach great importance both to the highest quality for the basis of your print and also to nature, always aiming to realise high-end print products. Our experts will advise you to ensure that all your (environmental) requirements are met!

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Print finishing

Print finishes optimise the paper’s feel according to function and need, protect against sunlight, dampness, or time – and communicate information in their (and your) own individual way. Print finishes lend character to paper. Whether for punching, scratch-off or variable data such as coupon codes, our inline process will finish your print product without the need to resort to additional third-party services.

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LONGO meets variable Data

The installation of Videojet printheads on our offset press enables us to print variable data along with LONGO quality.

A unique solution that combines print quality, personalization and lower costs for medium and high volume runs achieved by offset printing with variable data. Especially for packaging and lotteries, traceability and labeling possibilities are crucial. The main advantage is that packaging can be personalized in a single print run at high speed.

Personalization helps collect data but also track each product and ensure its originality.

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