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Legal Notice

Longo Deutschland GmbH
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Sales Tax (VAT) Identification Number: DE 129 436 608
Commercial Register: Augsburg B 21675

Günther Longo, Harald Longo, Helfried Prünster

Content Responsibility:
Longo Deutschland GmbH | Helfried Prünster, CEO


Longo AG
Johann Kravogl Straße 7 | I-39100 Bozen
T +39 0471 243 111 | F +39 0471 243 100
All aspects of the content on this website, including design and programming, are subject to copyright. All rights reserved, all the information provided is subject to change. Use of text and image material is only permitted with the express consent of Longo Deutschland GmbH. Where this website contains links to websites for which LONGO is not responsible, we expressly disassociate ourselves from the content of such websites.

Liability for Links
In its “Liability for Links” judgement No. 312 O 85/99 dated September 12, 1999 the Hamburg Regional Court ruled that setting up a link to another website entails being responsible for the content of the linked website, where applicable. In the opinion of the Regional Court this can only be avoided by expressly disassociating oneself from the contents of the said website. We herewith expressly disassociate ourselves from all the content contained in linked websites and graphics and do not in any way embrace this content. All violations of applicable law, conventions and ethics, of which we become aware, shall result in the immediate deletion of links, entries, graphics or similar.

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