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Promotional items - Presents with added value

Promotional items are presents for customers. Something they need or that appeals, that arouses some form of desire.

These criteria are not easy to fulfil and therefore it makes sense to involve a professional marketing media agency in the search for a suitable promotional giveaway. Equus Promotion has partnered with Longo for many years.

Equus Promotion and LONGO – Your partners for promotional presents

As a first step Equus Promotion compiles the salient features that your promotional item should have by asking questions like: what brand image does the company or product have? What message should the promotional item convey? Is there a product that is particularly representative of the company? Which target audience does the company have?

The second stage is the creative part: how can the message be conveyed using promotional items? Which item is appropriate? What characteristics should it have?

A promotional item should provide incentives to buy and communicate the brand message. Best-case, by reminding the customer of the positive features of a product and of positive experiences with that product or of the company being promoted. That’s enough theory.

But what happens in practice? You usually find desks plastered with biros featuring different corporate logos. Usually cheap plastic items that are ugly and actually pretty redundant. The ball-point pen is evidently the most popular promotional item. The question is pretty obvious: have these various companies taken the time to search for an original promotional gift? A lack of creativity coupled with poor quality.

What’s the right way of going about this? Marketing experts say that the promotional item should evoke an association with the company or alternatively with one of the company’s products, with which the customer is familiar. Ball-point pens are therefore not necessarily the right choice.

Therefore it is important to think outside the box and be receptive to all kinds of ideas. What doesn’t yet exist can be made – specially tailored to your company.

The final stage is then to manufacture the selected promotional item. Here Equus Promotion holds the reins and links up various teams: our Marketing Agency, our Packaging department and other partner companies.

The result: a giveaway, which dovetails with you and your brand or corporate design. A gift that spotlights your company.

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