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Corporate History

1957 – The start-up years

Fancy being a self-employed entrepreneur? Oswald Longo initially did not give any thought to this idea. After completing his lithography apprenticeship, he gained initial career experience abroad. After that he was employed by Druckerei Theil in Bozen (Bolzano). Longo loved the work he did there and as a sideline produced a large number of superbly hand-lithographed posters, which still demonstrate his exceptional lithography skills to this day. Yet in the mid-1950s Druckerei Theil was unexpectedly closed down and Oswald Longo lost his job. In 1957 he decided to set up his own business, Fotolito Longo.
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Longo Geschichte Frangart 1972

1972 – The growth years

An outward sign of the company’s increasing success was a new facility in Frangart (Frangarto). Here Fotolito Longo was able to accommodate both a larger headcount and new hardware and equipment. For Oswald Longo was interested in the opportunities provided by state-of-the-art technology and wanted to keep pace. The quest for ever-new ways of meeting customer needs enabled the ambitious company to become a leader in its industry: Longo became Italy’s Number 1 in premium reproduction work and the first company to produce proofs on an offset printing press.

1989 – New times, new strategies

30 years after being established, Fotolito Longo was a successful business that wanted to continue expanding. The Longo family thus ushered in a new and promising era in the company’s history by acquiring a piece of commercial real estate with great transport links and a spacious new building in J. Kravogl-Straße. Longo had set up phg GmbH in Munich just shortly before that, to establish a presence in Germany as well. phg quickly progressed to become a business offering an extensive range of digital print, print-on-demand systems and database creation and management services. Such a wide range of business activities required more space: phg set up its current home in Augsburg at the start of the new millennium.
phg 1989
Longo Gebäude Frangart 2005

2005 – In the new media age

New media have radically changed the printing sector since the start of the new millennium. And the speed at which innovations are embedded in the industry will increase in the future too. Companies therefore have to be particularly innovative and flexible and keep on reviewing their business activities. In 2005 the owners of the Longo group of companies opted to refocus their corporate activities. Longo opted to enhance its digital media skills.

2015 – All covered by a single parent brand

The company has always kept pace with the times and with the myriad changes within its own skills domain. Nowadays it is distinguished by a wealth of reproduction and printing experience, particularly in the specialism that includes creativity, online conceptualization and creation and all associated services. In order to extend and augment the synergies of both companies, Longo in Bozen (Bolzano) and phg in Augsburg/Germany, these were merged into the single broad LONGO brand. The traditions established by Oswald Longo are being maintained in a new guise!
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