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SPECTRA7® – printing technique for brilliant colours

LONGO developed a new printing technique which gives images more intensity and brilliance. This way original results are achieved.

SPECTRA7® – brilliant, agile images for your print products

Images and figures in books, brochures and advertising materials are so much more than pure information carriers. Images are used to transfer emotions, to ray agility and closeness to the viewer.

Still most of the time the effects of printed colours stay behind the expectations and figures, logos and images do not seem as agile as they are.

Ever since the optimal chromatic reproduction of images with brilliant colours and fine print nuances are an important concern from LONGO. Therefore, our Research & Development-Team has developed a new printing technique: SPECTRA7®

SPECTRA7® – intensity and brilliance images deserve

Additionally to the four main colours CMYK SPECTRA7® uses three more colours: orange, green and purple. This way the colour space is about 30% widened. Therefore 90% of all PANTONE colours are reproducible in only one printing procedure.

With SPECTRA7® original results are guaranteed:

  • Excellent colour reproduction
  • Brilliancy, dynamic and expressiveness
  • More intensity and agility

The cooperation between constant improvement of the pigment coating and huge carefulness within the prepress, the calibration and profile SPECTRA7® by LONGO offers the deserved brilliance and intensity.

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