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Duoton print – the high art of black-and-white images

We are surrounded by so many colors and by so many colorful images, that it’s now black-and-white images that attract our attention. Black-and-white print may sound very simple, but that is actually not the case. Irrespective of whether you choose duoton print or LONGO’s proprietary triton print technique, black-and-white print is a job for seasoned professionals.

BW images represent a quite particular challenge, especially when premium advertising materials or works of photographic art are involved. The extreme contrasts, the wide tonal range and the subtlest shades of grey make significant demands of the printing technique. Yet our experts can produce perfect black-and-white images using duoton printing and special fine-resolution rasters.

Duoton printing incorporates two distinct versions – mock duoton printing involves the use of a single printing plate in two cycles. In this case two colors are frequently used. During the second print cycle the printing plate is fractionally shifted along a diagonal plane.

Authentic duoton printing on the other hand involves the use of two printing plates, although the plates differ in terms of tonal value and tonal gradation. Monochromatic printing produces considerably more vivid results, subtler shades of grey and greater depth. The impact of the printed image is a great deal more powerful.

“Blacker than black” – masterful B&W prints thanks to triton printing

The duoton printing method already delivers superb results, but our clients wanted even more depth, an above-average black – “blacker than black”. We spent a long time testing, varying and gaining experience and during this process we developed our own duoton profiles, which produce a rich black that achieves a way-beyond-average sense of depth, a high degree of contrast and an impressive three-dimensionality. If premium-quality photographs or realistic reproductions of historical pictures need to be printed as greyscale images, we use our proprietary triton printing technique. Art books, chronicles and photobooks can thus convey an exceptionally high-contrast, true-to-detail and depth-of-focus impression. In contrast to duoton printing, triton printing uses a third color, which delivers a premium quality that is nothing short of sensational. If that sense of depth needs to be enhanced even more, then we recommend an additional print varnish coating.

Irrespective of whether you are thinking about triton or duoton printing, we can graphically demonstrate to you how the products delivered by these various printing methods differ. The books, brochures and packaging that we produce are characterized by a look and feel that is clearly distinguished from that provided by other firms. We would be delighted to advise you about which printing technique, which method and which materials are the right solution for your requirements.

We regard your specific requirements as our own personal challenge and flexible solutions as a must-have not just for you but also for us, because a shared sense of achievement generates a rare feeling of elation and we want to keep experiencing that feeling!

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