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Corporate Publishing – your company’s voice

Communicating both externally and internally with a clearly distinguishable voice – that is what corporate publishing is all about. In contrast to short-term marketing activities, the objective of corporate publishing is to achieve long-term customer loyalty and to enhance existing customer relationships. Here the focus is on your brand promise.

Even if your logo plays a key role in the process, there’s a whole lot more to corporate publishing than just that. From marketing media and forms via your website through your employee magazine – every single component of your communications is an advertisement for your company.

Your logo is the linchpin. It should be simple and instantly recognizable and convey a consistent image of your company and its products and of your brand message. It plays a key role in external communications – an appealing feature with a high recall factor. At the same it is an important in-house symbol with which you and your employees can identify.

Our agency can create your entire corporate design with the same attention to detail as for a logo. Your headed notepaper, your forms, your business cards are just as much a part of your corporate communications as your marketing media. Simply everything that your company uses as print products sends a message to your customers. Using imagery, color design and typography, our experts ensure that all your marketing media feature maximum recall factor and that your message is heard.

Yet there is more to corporate publishing than just print. Your online presence too needs to dovetail with the big picture, with your corporate identity. That applies to your landing pages, your online marketing campaigns, newsletters and all social media activities. We don’t regard functionality and usability on the one hand and image management and branding on the other as being contradictory. Our team of technical and creative experts as well as marketing specialists works hand in hand. We design your integrated public profile as a team and give your company a voice that gets heard!

Let’s talk: employee communications

Critical corporate success factors include employee motivation. Yet motivation requires information – corporate strategies and objectives can only be implemented successfully if all employees are fully aware of what they involve.

Just as important are the emotional bonds created by storytelling. In an employee magazine you can easily link both levels. It is definitely worth planning and designing your internal communications with the same level of care as you would devote to your external communications. We would be delighted to advise you on this issue!

Corporate Publishing from LONGO – everything from a single source

Your corporate identity consists of a wide range of small elements that speak with a single powerful voice when taken as a whole. We design all these elements on your behalf, because LONGO combines print and online, design and technology, advice and service. We provide you with our full range of services – you just purchase what you need. You don’t need to worry about looking after and coordinating various service providers, because we deliver the full corporate publishing service from a single source – why not get in touch!

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