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Social Media – Facebook, Twitter & Co.

Your customers are already involved. They use social networks like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Pinterest as a virtual living room. Here they meet up with friends and relations and compare notes online on all the issues that interest them. About you, your products and the quality of service you provide as well.

Professional contacts are made via Google+, XING and LinkedIn. People talk about your company there too; and this is where you can meet with potential customers for your products and services as well.

70% of all Germans with Internet access use social networks, according to a study by Faktenkontor. Facebook alone has more than 25 million users (just in Germany!). Irrespective of whether you are active in social media or not – your customers are already there and talking about you. This is a unique opportunity: get involved, listen and take an active part in the dialogue!

The projects that our social media agency undertakes always kick off with research. Once we have identified your target audiences and their preferred networks, we develop a tailor-made strategy to publicize your company, your brand and your products in these networks. We look after your social media profile on a daily basis, create content and posts, talk with fans and answer their questions. Our agency makes it easy for you to enter the world of social media!

Social-Media and Content Marketing

Nowadays Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram and Pinterest are the most important social networks. But that can change. A proprietary, well-managed website with up-to-date content shields you from such changes. Whatever is written on your website, in your blog – you own this content and it can be shared by your fans and followers wherever they are via social media. Medialike, our social- media marketing agency helps you to devise a content marketing strategy, researches relevant topics for your corporate blog and creates content. This content is then optimized for the social media channels relevant to your business, with the objective of showcasing your company exactly where your target audience is located.

Having your own social-media profile provides you with the ideal environment to give your customers an insight into your business and to spotlight your product or service. Potential customers react to this personal form of contact significantly more positively than is the case with conventional advertising. With the right strategy and the right tonality you can appeal to your target audience by demonstrating authenticity and skills. Your company and your brand are thus tangible and personable. Every “friend” or “follower” that you gain on social media is a qualified customer contact, because they openly state for all their friends to see that they are interested in your company.

Social-Media Marketing Agency – we increase your online visibility

Social-media marketing enables you to up your visibility even more. The effectiveness of every campaign can be increased by focusing on the user’s age, gender, place of residence and personal interests. Our social-media agency’s targeted advertising campaigns deliver marketing success without wastage.

What is important is that your company showcases what it does in places where your target audience is active. Our social-media agency, Medialike, is therefore involved in a wide range of communities, because Facebook, Twitter and Google+ are not the only relevant social-media channels. We research accurately which networks you should use to connect with your target audience and come up with exactly the right strategy to promote your business in these networks. We make social-media marketing easy!

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