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eBusiness Portal – create print products quickly and cost-effectively online

Procuring marketing media and customized print products via the Internet is quick, practical and cost-effective. Longo’s online experts can help you to set up your own procurement portal and tie in your business partners and branches/subsidiaries to a centrally managed eBusiness portal.

The eBusiness portal that we can offer you is called the Marketing ToolBox and we can configure it to meet your needs. Our eBusiness portal is web-based and does not require special software to be installed. The portal functions on a platform-independent basis and is easy to operate. You can set up internal and external user groups for the eBusiness portal and access rights can be managed for each individual user.

Your local employees can interactively create a very wide range of media types on screen. Ready-made templates in your corporate design are provided. With the aid of such a central procurement platform your employees can process all requests for marketing media and print products from your branches, subsidiaries and intermediaries themselves – in exactly the required quantities and in exactly the design required for the particular purpose.

The eBusiness portal is immensely versatile. With the aid of the platform you can, for example, create and print the following print products:

  • Business stationery, like business cards, headed notepaper, envelopes and forms
  • Product brochures, advertising leaflets and posters
  • Customer publications with partially custom content
  • Construction site requisites: signage, scaffolding tarpaulins
  • Fleet requisites: vehicle livery, magnetic signage
  • Advertisement creation: public profile and job advertisements
  • Personalization of merchandising items
  • CRM promotions, such as mailshots, Christmas cards
  • Workwear
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Marketing promotions targeted at even the smallest of target audiences can also be efficiently actioned with the aid of the procurement platform and the opportunities that LONGO’s customized digital print service provides. At the same time you ensure that every product and every element of your corporate communications are produced in accordance with your corporate design rules. This enables you to showcase your brand and your message at POS worldwide in an integrated and effective manner.

Gain flexibility, optimize workflows

This eBusiness portal simplifies marketing-department processes and lowers production costs. Other benefits of a web-based procurement portal include:
  • 100% CI-conform marketing with minimum effort and expense
  • Closer relationships with subsidiaries/branches
  • Simplified processes ease the burden on subsidiaries/branches
  • JIT production means lower warehousing costs
  • Rise in brand value achieved by increased market penetration
  • Cost and time savings achieved by production cost and workflow optimization as well as by prompt management accounting

In line with the “Think global, act local” motto, this eBusiness portal provides you with the necessary flexibility to be able to react quickly to changes in the marketplace.

Installation, operation, hosting, design and print production – LONGO provides you with all these eBusiness portal services from a single source. Why not talk to us – we would be delighted to advise you on how an eBusiness portal can help you to streamline your processes and save you money!

Watch a presentation of our eBusiness portal by clicking here.

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