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Ease of administration

Planning, milestones and workflows differ from product to product, so it is no surprise if not every employee can keep up to speed. Nor are budgets ever the same. The continuous checking of workflows, deadlines and budgets is complex and absorbs resources that could be better used for creative tasks.

Small outlay, large effect

The Longo Marketing ToolBox can help you minimise administration costs. The portal contains all your important information, while processes run automatically: data is sent for approval to the pre-defined decision-makers, who will be informed by email, and there are also email reminders for deadlines. The result is that all those involved are at all times and for each product aware of the necessary steps and of who is responsible, avoiding complex checking of workflows.

Planning data is always at hand

The common database forms the basis for the planning and budgeting of activities. The shopping basket module and management cockpit ensure an overview of current orders, while the reporting module provides you with valuable information about the achievements of your business partners as a basis for further planning. It is also possible to link to other interfaces.

Direct ordering for rapid delivery

Every business partner can, according to its budget, order printed items or publicity media direct from the printworks, in the necessary quantity and just in time to minimise storage costs. A re-order function allows repeat orders, again reducing time and costs. Print and non-print items are managed by the Magento shop system.

Ease of use wherever you are

Marketing ToolBox has a user interface that can be intuitively operated without additional training – not just on a large screen, but also on a tablet or mobile phone. As a browser-based platform, Marketing ToolBox can be used anywhere with internet access with no need for any program installation. The multi-currency module helps you to work from practically everywhere with partners all around the world. Small features such as support for all major languages and an auto-suggest search function make it even easier to work with Marketing ToolBox.

Smart technical design

Technology is only useful when it works. Marketing ToolBox is therefore based on the Magento E-commerce system, tried and tested software that can be expanded in numerous ways. Automatic updates ensure the latest version of Marketing ToolBox is always installed. We also offer high-speed hosting and a German server location with maximum security.

Your benefits

   greater transparency

   all involved have access to the latest knowledge

   planning data is always up-to-date, permitting swift and responsive action

   ease of use

   secure technology
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