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Efficient print logistics – on demand, flexible and fast

At LONGO we attach importance to flexible logistics, which make warehousing, shipping and other post-printing services an integral part of our coordinated services portfolio. If you wish to benefit from the added value of a highly needs-based print products logistics service, LONGO has the offering to meet your needs. Be it direct-marketing products or on-demand partial shipments, our print logistics are service-focused and fast. Our logistics service is complemented by our in-house lettershop.

Secure, reliable off- and on-site warehousing

On-site at LONGO we have modern, well-organized storage facilities covering an area of 1600 square meters, which are augmented by a further 1000 square meters off-site that are also suitable for storage of print products until shipping call-off. Your print communications media are in good hands at both storage locations, because we guarantee secure access control to the storage facilities. After all, your message should only be made public when you want it to be.

Proven delivery partnership

From pallet consignments through small print runs – our print logistics are geared up to handle international shipping in all freight unit sizes. We can rely on practiced partnerships with international forwarders, be it courier or bulk transportation, single-address or multi-target shipping.

Keeping track of your inventory

How many remaining copies of my print product are still in stock? Can I get 50 copies sent rapidly to our new branch? A needs-based, on-demand retrievals capability enables our clients to manage print logistics themselves ex-LONGO-warehouse and simply integrate current inventory into their own IT systems. That saves money and in-house storage space, even if smaller volumes are involved.

Integrated in to our platform

This is how we integrate print logistics in to your platforms: our online print business platform provides you with direct access to the inventory management system to search for your items. Switching between different systems is not necessary and you can manage the entire process from print product customization via order size management through shipping call-offs yourself.

Multi-target shipping

We at LONGO have plenty of experience with partial shipments to a wide range of different recipients and are therefore used to meeting particular print logistics requirements. That includes, for example, flexibility in the choice of packaging, if some partial shipments are to be shipped in branded packaging and other partial shipments in neutral packaging. Delivery time slots also have to be factored in to multi-target shipping.

The right mix – item-picking

Item-picking is the final stage of the journey that your offset- and digital-printed matter undertakes towards becoming the finished product. Here we apply our know-how and a certain eye for detail. We ready your print products for shipping, irrespective of batch size and type of print product. We are also happy to combine our item-picking services in cooperation with our in-house giveaway partner.

Our print logistics are efficient, flexible and cost-effective – why not put us to the test!

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