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Publishing services – to ensure your book is a success

It all starts with an idea – your idea. Yet that journey from idea to successful finished article is a long one. Our publishing services team shows you the short-cuts to take and provides comprehensive support all the way through to publication. We kick off with conceptual consultancy: which readers do you want to appeal to with your book and what characterizes this particular target audience? Which competitors are in this market segment and how can your book be positioned in the marketplace? What is special or unique about your project and how can we accentuate that even better, even more explicitly?

The conceptual design and product range positioning phase of our publishing services is followed by product development and book design. Our publishing services team handles all the details that will make your book successful, from the right number of pages via book features and cover design through market-based and market-compatible retail pricing.

You benefit from our company’s wealth of specialist knowledge: experts from all departments work hand in hand to provide these publishing services. Book design, printing, logistics, sales and consultancy – LONGO provides you with accumulated know-how!

Single-title management – total commitment to your book project

Your book project is a matter close to your heart. We are aware of that too and therefore we mentor a single-book project with the same diligence as a complete publisher’s catalog. Our publishing service only ensures that your book gets an ISBN and the title is registered in the search systems employed by the book trade in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. You can also list your illustrated book at Amazon once it appears in the Edition Longo. We will be happy to take care of the dispatch for you.

Product marketing – we promote your book

Product marketing is also one of our publishing services. Tailor-made mailshots to retailers and booksellers, marketing campaigns that get through to the reader, online and social-media marketing: our publishing services team will advise you on which marketing activities are the best methods of getting your message through to your target audience.
You can publish your book with the aid of our publishing services without have to get contractually tied in to a publisher. Irrespective of whether you represent an institution, cultural organization or a company and are an author or photographer – you can obtain all the necessary services from us and still remain independent. Why not tell us more about your book project – we look forward to meeting you!

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