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Fine Art Print – we are there for photographers

Fine Art Print from LONGO is our offering for printing photobooks together with photog-raphers, characterised by excellent image reproduction and high-quality configuration. Our team emphasises all-round support for photographers, from layout and prepress to the choice of the right paper and printing process, right up to the marketing and storage of books.

We specify each individual work procedure together with the artists and photographers. We provide advice and show what can today be achieved using the latest printing techniques and print finishings. Our goal is to make full use of the special possibilities of the book medium and thus optimise the presentation of the photographs. This is the origin of Fine Art Print, an exhibition in book form and a permanent opportunity for photographers to present their art.

Whether at the photo festival in Arles or in the Tate Gallery , the photobooks printed at LONGO have won prizes and awards and attracted considerable attention. This is due to our excellent prepress work, the know-how of our printers and the resultant out-standing print quality.

Fine Art Printer – art meets the art of printing

Photographers and artists are demanding customers: and rightly so! The fine art pho-tography in which you have invested so much creativity, time and enthusiasm prompts our printers to up their game.

In order to achieve such results with Fine Art Print, top-quality work is needed prior to printing. Layout and image processing, prepress work, maintenance and calibration of the printers – each of these work procedures requires not only considerable expertise, but also the highest degree of accuracy and concentration.

At LONGO we use every permutation of the printing art to improve the quality of illustra-tions and, by means of the paper finishing, to intensify the sensuous feel of the book. Print finishings such as UV lacquer finishes will increase the value of your photo book. Inline finishing at LONGO means that such finishes do not require further work procedures. Our state-of-the-art printers mean that finishing and printing involve just one procedure, thus saving time and costs.

Good print quality comes as standard. What we offer is top quality: Fine Art Print. Find out more from our specialist in Fine Art Print and print your photo book with us!

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