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Slipcases – collection, protection, attention

Do not underestimate the slipcase! In its simplest form it is made of sturdy grey pasteboard and serves only to protect the book. But that is in fact the very simplest form. A slipcase or a magazine file can also be a high-quality eye-catcher that enhances the value of a book or magazine collection. A valuable book deserves a fine slipcase.

Slipcases and magazine files – forms and materials

The five-sided enclosed slipcase made from cardboard or pasteboard is probably the most common form. Variants are the rectangular form with one open side for files, folders and the like, and the completely enclosed form that prevents individual sheets from falling out.

Slipcases can be completely simple and plain, or feature decorative elements such as windows, embossing, punching and lacquer finishes. Our designers from the book design department know numerous methods for the respective products for enhancing the appearance of a functional slipcase or magazine file. All sorts of materials can be used: imitation leather, metal, PVC and plastics or also environmentally-friendly natural papers, fibre board, mirror foil, cork or linen.

We also produce folding box slipcases and similar packaging. The aim here is not to decorate or enhance the value of the product, but rather to offer a stable and handy form combined with robustness.

The slipcase as part of the book

There exist highly sophisticated slipcases for books that, unlike the simple transport slipcase made of grey pasteboard, are certainly not to be disposed of once used. These slipcases for books are five-sided and enclosed, so that only the spine, and thus usually the author and title, are visible, making these items seem part of the book.

With their sophisticated forms, printing, embossing and careful design, made from quality materials such as linen or leather, these slipcases are not just for decoration: as aesthetic eye-catchers, they particularly arouse curiosity regarding the content. Decorative slipcases are particularly suitable and most frequently used for special editions, book series, collections and anniversary editions.

We do not underestimate slipcases!

Full service at LONGO means that we offer all services concerning book production and printing, which naturally also includes the design, production and finishing of slipcases at the LONGO printworks in Augsburg and Bozen/Bolzano.

Our designers, graphic specialists and printers are fully familiar with all materials and print products, and for all our offers we strive to ensure that our customers and ourselves are absolutely satisfied with the result.

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