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LONGO printworks Bozen/Bolzano – your specialist for offset printing

The headquarters of the LONGO printworks is in Bozen/Bolzano, South Tyrol, where our offset printing operations are conducted. Our second location in Bavaria is home to our digital printing offer. It is however immaterial where our customers’ orders are completed. For each printing order there is a personal contact person to co-ordinate everything for you.

One of the main fields of business for the South Tyrol printworks is letterpress printing. In Bozen/Bolzano we print both large editions of literary works and smaller runs of specialist books.

We are particularly proud of one special aspect of our work in Bozen/Bolzano: we print art and picture books which have received numerous international awards. We also work directly not just with publishing houses and museums, but in the field of Fine Art Print with artists and photographers.

Packaging – design and printing from Bozen/Bolzano

We also have an extensive packaging production line in Bozen/Bolzano. Packaging design and corporate packaging are key success factors for a company – our printworks in South Tyrol also boasts experienced professionals who can assist and advise you with all your questions.

Print products for companies and institutions

We print business cards, annual reports, blocks, forms in Bozen/Bolzano, not to mention leaflets, flyers, catalogues and brochures. For runs of over 1,000 items, offset printing is usually the most suitable printing process, while for smaller jobs we employ digital printing at our location in Germany.


Gloss, metallic-look surfaces, embossing, punching: whether for books, packaging or publicity material, the finished product must command attention. The finishings we apply in our printworks can help achieve this goal. Numerous finishings can be applied inline (i.e. during the printing process) thus saving time and money.1

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