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Digital print – cost-effective and adaptable

For many years LONGO has focused on the opportunities, benefits as well as the limitations of digital print. We can verify that digital print no longer plays second fiddle to offset print these days. However ensuring this high level of print quality requires the use of state-of-the-art printing presses and processing machinery, such as those that we at LONGO have developed ourselves and purchased.

Digital print not only gives us very short production leadtimes, but also enables us to personalize text and images as well as print different language versions. Digital print also enables us to produce small print runs cost-effectively and gives us major flexibility in our choice of substrates.

Digital print for small and micro print runs

Be it books or promotional media: not every print product requires a large print run. Quite the reverse! Digital print enables you to print exactly the quantities that you absolutely require at any one time. We offer small and micro print run options as well as personalized print products at fair value for money.

That is possible because no film or platesetting costs are incurred in the case of digital print in contrast to offset print. This means we can print small print runs and reprints of books or promotional media for you at competitive prices. This means that we only print the quantities that you actually require at any one time and you save storage space and money and your brochures are always up-to-date.

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E-business print – branding on demand

Small print runs, customized data and all printed quickly and cost-effectively in line with your corporate design guidelines – that is what you demand of the production process for modern print communication media. We have developed a web-based tool especially for this purpose. Using our branding-on-demand system, any employee in your company can design promotional media themselves in accordance with agreed rules.
Read more about our eBusiness Portal.

Personalized digital print on any substrate

Digital print provides you with new personalized and customized communication opportunities. Variable promotional media featuring a personalized sales pitch are easy to produce and are affordable; the use of exceptional materials and shapes attracts more attention.

Nowadays round shapes or cut-outs in every conceivable variation no longer require expensive punches, because digital print allows special shapes to be cut digitally. We can also easily produce three-dimensional objects, architecture models or signs for you.

Our basic collection includes more than 20 printable substrates, ranging from original rotogravure paper via semi-gloss paper to uncoated paper; from high-gloss adhesive films via PET material to transparent films. Digital print also allows us to print on wood, glass, plastic and aluminum. Textile printing on felt and all types of fabrics is equally not a problem. We would be delighted to develop the appropriate digital print technique to match the material you require – we look forward to discussing your ideas and requirements with you!

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