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Offset printing - more than 50 years of high-end print experience

Printing – that has been our business for more than 50 years. We as a company therefore have a successful high-end print track record, because we have never rested on our laurels. The pace of development and innovation in offset printing and the print industry is very fast and our business always opts for state-of-the-art. We think outside the general industry trends box and our ambition is to develop our own methods to improve existing processes to the benefit of customers.

Pushing back the boundaries of offset printing is how you could succinctly encapsulate our objective. There are many outstanding examples of how our proprietary innovations have secured our technology and quality advantage.

New processes that enhance premium print luster, contrast and color intensity – we are rightly proud of the results of our efforts and research. Our products are differentiated in terms of look and feel from all other print products that are available in the market. Thoroughly premium print is what our proprietary innovations, like Intenso+®, MetalloLux®, LONGO Duoton Profiles and LONGO Hybrid Technology, deliver.

We offer an extensive range of products, from job-printing items, such as brochures, invitations and leaflets, via POS materials, displays, standees and packaging through conventional book printing. A wide range of different binding methods, like soft-cover, hard-cover, flex-cover and spiral binding, as well as matching slipcases are just as much a part of our portfolio of services as printing on specialty and uncoated papers.

Why not set us a challenge – we will come up with a solution. One of our high-end print objectives is always customized design and the improvement of print standards. We listen closely to what our customers have to say and generate perfect-fit solutions in partnership with them.

We endeavor to handle all the offset printing tasks that need to be performed with a sense of precision and flexibility. Sheet-fed offset, web-fed offset, processing of print data, generation of pre-press deliverables, possible variants, varying print-runs, short-term changes – we are geared up to handle all of that, because these components are always included in our continuously enhanced work processes.

ISO 12647-2 certification awarded by Munich-based FOGRA, the Graphic Technology Research Association, enables us to submit objective documentation of all work processes to our customers and deliver consistently high print quality.

Our tared presses facilitate a wide range of different printing methods and deliver first-class products. Yet customer-specific design is just as important as the technology we use – a responsive and accurate meeting of customer requirements. Be it advertising medium or book – we will come up with the perfect solution to meet your needs!

Premium print made by Longo, because there’s print and there’s print

Ranging from business cards via brochures and books to posters - print products are an integral part of all corporate communications. To enable your print communications to stand out from the crowd, we have developed special offset printing methods.

We employ tritoning and duotoning methods, with profiles developed specially by Longo, for black/white images with high degrees of contrast, differentiated grey scales and a particular sense of depth. A particular form of offset printing is UV-offset print, where we can combine mat and gloss surfaces in one inline-method cycle. This produces vibrant colors and particularly premium-looking shimmering surfaces. Longo’s MetalloLux® color system enables us to print opalescent metallic effects in myriad color shades and nuances. We achieve a bright luster and unmatched color intensity using our proprietary Intenso+® printing method, which enables us to expand color spaces by up to 20%.

We would be delighted to show you examples of the impressive results that we can achieve with offset printing – why not get in touch with us!

Partner with us for all your offset print needs!

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