MetalloLux®: gleaming metallic effects in an infinite range of color nuances

MetalloLux® is a special print finishing method that gives print products and picture motifs a mildly metallic sheen. The metallic effect can be fully or partially applied and an infinite number of color nuances and shades are feasible. The metallic sheen attracts the observer’s attention and guides their gaze. Your printed matter therefore conveys a more premium impression and the products depicted exude an aura of high quality.

Motifs made of metal, such as cars or tools, look significantly more realistic if printed using metallic colors. Observers believe they can literally feel and see the car’s paintwork! We frequently see customers stroking metallic surfaces with their hands.

Irrespective of whether gold or silver, partial or blanket, MetalloLux makes all pictures gleam and gives your products an exclusive touch of class, and yet it is surprisingly inexpensive. Why not talk to us to find out more!

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