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Packaging - Transportation, Information, Temptation

Packaging is your product’s business card, because it is what enables the customer to visualize what the product is. The first glance, the haptic experience the packaging provides, making the content tangible, the information on the packaging, the instantly recognizable brand – temptation and information rolled into one. Packaging design is therefore one of your critical success factors.

Experienced professionals working in our Packaging Department handle corporate packaging. Their ultimate motivation is to develop customized packaging and packaging materials with the best designs. The creative minds in our agency package your product so that it is effectively protected, can be transported properly and attracts the attention of customers.

The original purpose of packaging is to protect the content and to act as an aid to transportation. Nowadays packaging does a whole lot more – it communicates information, it has to compete effectively against a large number of other products and has to do justice to the individuality of the product and meet the needs of the customer. Corporate packaging is an integral part of branding.

The product quality and features message is communicated and – not to be underestimated – the senses are appealed to and enthusiasm for the product is generated. This is how an emotional appeal is created.

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Packaging - Rigor and Innovation

The development of packaging materials that appeal requires plenty of creative skills. Irrespective of whether it involves simple, functional packaging for food or a very unconventional, innovative design for luxury products – the packaging solution, product, brand and quality all have to dovetail. Packaging design is a critical success factor in the way your business performs!

We develop target-audience-compatible, customized packaging solutions together with you. Our packaging specialists have all the opportunities that state-of-the-art technology provides at their disposal, because we continuously enhance our printing and production techniques. That ensures we maintain our high quality standards and guarantees the best possible solution to your challenge.

Customized packaging plays a massively important role in enabling customers to visualize the character of your brand and in guaranteeing recognizability to customers. Memorable designs that are varied and modified, improved and enhanced ultimately lead to an appealing response to your specific requirements. Our packaging experts approach what they do with a great deal of enthusiasm and will co-develop perfect, aesthetically appealing packaging solutions together with you.

Every product, every purpose requires an appropriate, tailor-made solution. We conceptually design packaging and select the appropriate material. Be it paper, cardboard or film, we use the material that makes your product recognizable and unmistakable.

Our offset specialists make the subtlest color nuances visible. From no-frills functional packaging through the most elegant sheen – everything is feasible and at consistently high quality.

From initial ideas and designs via production of dummies through printing: modifications and improvements to packaging design can be undertaken at any time until everyone is agreed “that’s it – design and product are a perfect match!”

Your customers too will get a sense of the enthusiasm that we perceive in developing and producing packaging solutions – and will buy your product.

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